My short stories

You can download for free (either on Apple or Google apps) three of my short stories from Ether Books at:

Extract from Bad Mothers’ Club shortlisted for publication by Absinthe Literary Review in 2011

They sat on the veranda enjoying the fruits of their labour − prosciutto paninis and roasted chorizo marinated in sesame oil, honey and soya sauce.  It was a hot day and the Pims and lemonade flowed freely.

“It’s mere prostitution, selling your soul to assassins with numbers for names,” proclaimed Solange, a culture and ethics lecturer of French Canadian and Indian parentage.  She liked the sound of her voice and spoke with a mongrel dialect which always begged her audience to ask where she was from.

“Never put prostitution and assassins in the same sentence,” interjected Phyllis, one of the most recent recruits who was still trying to navigate her place in the hierarchy of personalities around her.

“Why?” asked Solange irritated by Phyllis’ intrusion on her rollercoaster diatribe as she was determined to test her theories.  She was half way through her PhD on ‘Terrorists and The New Paradigm and Phenomenal Culture Shift in Twenty First Century Rhetoric’.  It was quite a mouthful but then this is normal practice with academics who often spend several months agonising over the most obscure title before writing their theses.  Solange was politely interrupted by Muriel, the founder of the group ……….

Extract from the Church Fight first published in First Edition Magazine Issue 06, 6 August 2009 

The brawl started on the pavement on an extraordinary extremely sunny January day in a twee English seaside town where polite people live. It was a day that everyone remembered many years later not because of the town’s infamy but for the fact that the local chemist made a soaring trade in sun tan and camomile lotion. Lily-white inhabitants with skin the texture of parchment suddenly enjoyed noticeable olive tans that were the preserve of Mediterraneans. The sun shined that day like it never had before. For that one day only the townsfolk forgot that they lived in miserable weather England.

Extract from Erotic Short Story 1

In the beginning there was a Victorian mews house situated on the fringes of a beautiful English seaside town.  Built in 1888 the house was positioned on a hill with picturesque views of the bay.  An attractive floor to ceiling bay window trapped in the sunlight which this glorious town enjoyed nine months of the year.

The house was home to Gloria, an ugly middle aged single woman who supplemented her modest income from writing and an ever growing bank overdraft by taking in English language students.  She enjoyed their money much more than their company especially the peak rates in summer.

But one humid Sunday in June the seduction of money flew out of the window.

Gloria opened the door to a six foot six pleasing-to-the-eye young man.  Her jaw dropped.  ‘The younger generation are getting taller and taller,’ she thought.  He smiled revealing an immaculate arrangement of teeth and shook her hand.  She stretched out hers noticing his long phalanges and wondered whether the same applied to his feet and correlated with his penis.


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