My plays

Extract from AMAH produced at The Tara Arts Centre, London in 1997.  A Filipino maid’s baptism into Hong Kong’s bowels of hell.  The comment about Zimbabwe was pretty prophetic on my part way back in 1997!!!

Hilary: Can’t play this season. My knee’s buggered…………Bangkok will do the trick. An enticing pair of hands to massage the throbbing pain….. Come on you’ll love it out there. Leave your miserable old cow at home to chew the cud. When I was your age, I was all over the place. No one could find me. (PAUSE) Get back in time to host the Rugby Sevens and drink the Aussie convicts under the table. –Zimbabwe will be playing for the first time next year! Beautiful country. Will go back to rack and ruin like the rest of the bloody continent. (PAUSE). The world’s a bloody mess…… Same old human foibles……(Takes a swig). (PAUSE) Oh come on stay on for another. What’s your wife got that I haven’t got eh?. Marriage doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change a thing. All right lesson over. Bugger off to your rationed carnal doom. (Waves invisible friend off stage). Useless(takes a another swig and extinguishes cigarette).

Extract from Groove Mirror, a play drawing inspiration from the lives of Sammy Davis Junior, Muhammad Ali and Samuel L Jackson.

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the grooviest of us all?

Mamma used to say, “when you’re ugly, learn to sing.” I never knew what she was talking about way back then but later I learned that if you are beautiful then people will forgive you for anything but if you are ugly, then you had better have something extra-or-di-na-ri-ly special that the world can take note of because then they will say, “he’s damn ugly but boy can he sing.” Like Sammy Davis Junior, my idol. He was the ugliest black midget I ever saw, but man did he move and groove with the grace of a gazelle  …………………………..


Leroy: My songs have messages?

Azhar: Yeah.

Leroy: Well tell me which one of my songs have strong messages?

Azhar: All of them.

Leroy: (Walks up to Azhar and points his index finger at Azhar’s chest).  No, I want to know which ones in particular have a message for you.

Azhar:  I just told you all of them.

Leroy:  Just tell me one song that you remember!

Azhar: (Sighs).   Groove Mirror.

Leroy: And what’s the message?

Azhar:  Come on man.

Leroy:  What’s the message?

Azhar:  (Pauses to think).  It’s about the mirror reflection.  That we are bigger than our reflections and the reflection signifies nothing.

Leroy: Hell that’s not what I had in mind when I wrote it.  You just made it up and put your own philosophy in my song.

Azhar:  What’s wrong with that?  I’m making a personal connection with your music.  Hell that’s what everyone does.  It’s called identification.

Leroy:  How many songs have I done?

Azhar:  I don’t know.

Leroy:  Hit me with a number.

Azhar:  What are you trying to do?

Leroy: I said hit me with a number.  And it had better be right.

Azhar:             (Pauses for a while and looks heavenwards and mumbles to himself as he calculates).   Well I know that you cut your first song when you were 7, and you’ve been in the business 50 years so if I’ll say 600, one a month.

Leroy:  You forgot the time after the accident when I couldn’t do nothing and had no juice left inside me.

Azhar:  Yeah, I know about that.

Leroy: Well rethink your number again?

Azhar: Hell I don’t know?  500?

Leroy: You gotta know everything about me.  Because if we are going to work together on this messiah shit, we gotta know each other like we know ourselves cause the vultures will hover ……..


Extract from The Tenants of Massive Destruction.  This play is inspired by Edward Louis Wallant’s ‘Tenants of Moonbloon’

Chuck: I really hate their ‘filthy illusions’ and ‘sickly disguises’ veiled under the mask of purpose and righteousness.  Piety hidden under the guise of wanting something better for the world, for their families, for the embryo.

Basili: I can not go.  I telling you, ‘I am cemented’ and must be having relief soon.

Delta: I’ve trained me mind to love me body.

Klaus: I can’t stand the pig filth in this place.

Robert: I am fighting a losing battle – they just don’t want to learn.

Lenny: Am I asking too much for the god damn lights to work?

Basili: How can I be relaxing?  There is no movement.

Klaus: Stinking cockroaches.

Lenny: Darkness will kill me.

Delta: (screams in pain) Me back.

Basili: My system is ‘paralysed’ and when my blockage is finally explodes there will be big troubles.



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