About Bournemouth Diva

Exploration of emotions, meaning, truth and visions by words and performance

Welcome to Bournemouth Diva’s blog site and thanks for visiting.

I am a Zambian-born writer and was the founder/director of the Bournemouth Literary Festival which I launched in 2005.  My articles and short stories have been published in UK magazines and my first play, AMAH, was produced at the Tara Arts Centre, London in 1997.

Other plays include: The Tenants of Massive Destruction, Groove Mirror and Black to Dorset. Visit my plays page for more details and extracts.

I am a third way through my second novel which is pretty out there and will rattle a few feathers, yes I know every writer say that about their work …… more details to follow.

I am interested in mythical absurdism and the phantom of the mirror image and my writing is absurd, polemic.  A sample of some of work is on my short stories page, and my plays page, so take a peek and let me know what you think.

You can download for free (either on Apple or Google apps) three of my short stories from Ether Books at: http://catalog.etherbooks.com/authors/982

Bournemouth Diva


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