If the chemistry isn’t right just leave the job interview

Why do we do it?  We wouldn’t if we were on a date.  We’d say our polite goodbyes or make excuses and leave.  So why don’t we apply the same logic to job interviews?

You lock eyes with your interviewer(s) and immediately the chemistry isn’t right.  You don’t like them and they are not keen on you but both parties stick it out until the end for formalities sake.  In this litigious world we live in everyone is scared of jumping ship too soon.

Well my advice is just leave, politely of course and say something like this, “look we are both wasting each other’s time. The chemistry isn’t right and let’s do each other a favour and end the interview now.” Try it, you’ve got nothing to lose.


About lillianavon

I am a Zambian-born playwright and the founder/director of the Bournemouth Literary Festival. My articles and short stories have been published in UK magazines and I have been featured in newspapers, magazines and radio.
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