If the chemistry isn’t right just leave the job interview

Why do we do it?  We wouldn’t if we were on a date.  We’d say our polite goodbyes or make excuses and leave.  So why don’t we apply the same logic to job interviews?

You lock eyes with your interviewer(s) and immediately the chemistry isn’t right.  You don’t like them and they are not keen on you but both parties stick it out until the end for formalities sake.  In this litigious world we live in everyone is scared of jumping ship too soon.

Well my advice is just leave, politely of course and say something like this, “look we are both wasting each other’s time. The chemistry isn’t right and let’s do each other a favour and end the interview now.” Try it, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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“See, we’s the …

“See, we’s the leftovers. The colored man is the leftovers….” August Wilson’s ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’

Just wanted to share. I love this speech from the character Toledo in Act One! It is clever dialogue, mixing satire, comedy, absurdity, history and social commentary.

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7 awesome quotes from Toni Morrison

Just wanted to share link below because I believe Toni Morrison’s writing her wisdom is life-affirming. Read her quotes on ‘anger’ and ‘narrative’.



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Publishers please publish less books – quality not quantity – spend more time publicising books




This article says it all – less is more – quality not quantity.  Publish less books and spend more time publicising them.  Publicity shelf life is short enough as it is!  Unrealistic expectations for book publicity, not really knowing your audience, it takes time to go viral etc.

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The novelist as a performer – oral storytelling

Writers, take inspiration from Dickens and perform your work.  You don’t need to be an actor, just tell your story and relive oral traditions. Your passion will come out and people will listen. Read Priyanka Kumar’s article – http://huff.to/IPn28H

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Self-publishing and policing content

I heard Michael Tamblyn speak at last week’s FutureBook conference and he was very entertaining. He highlighted the issues about policing self-publishing content, especially with erotica.  Some publishers have voiced their concerns about the growth and competition of self-publishing as anyone and everyone is self-publishing, (authors, agents, retailers, Amazon etc.)

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Short story writers can win huge prizes

Great news that short story writers can earn some decent prize money.  

Lynn Coady’s short story collection Hellgoing won Canada’s biggest prize for fiction, the C$50,000 Scotiabank Giller Prize.

Don’t give up all you short story writers!!!


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